CivX Economy Tools

The following are the primary tools available for interacting with the ExO Economy and Blockchain.


Staking Wallet

The CIVX Qt based Full node staking wallet is a full-node client that provides the ability to use your CIVX to stake on the CivX Blockchain and be an important part of the network helping to encapsulate transactions, validate, and extend the blockchain in return for staking rewards and transaction fees.


Cloud Wallet

Our Heuristic-Deterministic Cloud Wallet stores your CIVX safely on the blockchain, is recoverable with your seed, and has a robust multi-signature capability.



GitHub Repository

We endeavor to open source our work and we built on a strong legacy of open source code before us.

Our Github repository contains all the code related to the blockchain that has been released to date as well as many tools contributed by the ExO Movement.


Blockchain Explorer

All blockchains need to have a blockchain explorer. Ours runs against our C# Full Node. It can be used to browse the CivX blockchain and look up transaction ID's, block ID's, or addresses.

Since the CIVX blockchain is public and permissionless you are free to explore and even build your own applications if you wish.


Blockchain Statistics

This is our implementation of data dashboard about the CivX Blockchain itself. It is an integration of the poweful Grafana toolkit with our CivX Full Node.


Global Heat Map

The Global Heat Map is a A Map of the World of CivX Full Staking Nodes. It displays a growing economy that expands regardless of borders.